Trade Credit Made Smarter

Credit Pulse digitizes and automates your credit process, reducing manual effort in credit approvals and continuously monitors your portfolio for credit risk.

Streamline your credit approvals

A better experience for you and your customers

Onboard in record time

Go from weeks to minutes with
automated bank and trade references.
No more PDFs and manual data entry.

Portfolio Optimization

Optimize the allocation of credit across all customers. Extend and restrict credit as risks change to reduce bad debt by 20%.

Ongoing Monitoring

Get notified of changes like NSFs, bankruptcies, liens, bank balances,
and credit score changes.


Manage your entire credit operation, from applications to approvals, and continuously monitor your portfolio for credit risk.

Online Credit application

Faster from “Yes” to “Paid”

Credit Pulse provides a streamlined credit application with business pre-fill, eliminating the typical ‘back and forth’. Save over 1000 hours of manual effort per year.


All of the data you need, in one place

Gone are the days of manually sourcing third-party data. Credit Pulse centralizes credit bureau reports and 15+ other sources of reliable data. Credit Managers can feel confident making decisions with less effort, especially with SMBs and young businesses.

Real-Time Monitoring

Earlier signals eliminate bad debt

Instead of relying on periodic reviews, proactively monitor all customers in real time, leveraging advanced AI and proprietary data. Credit managers are alerted of potential events months before credit bureaus.

Automate Reference Checks

Focus on making decisions, not on sending emails or making calls

Say goodbye to chasing trade references or waiting on banks for verifications. With over 50,000 partner banks, instantly verify capacity and be alerted of bank account changes.

Smarter credit decisions start today