Trade Credit Made Smarter

Credit Pulse is transforming credit management by automating decisions and monitoring, even for those 'hard to assess' customers.

Streamline Trade credit

A better experience for everyone.

Onboard in record time

Onboard buyers 60% faster with automated risk assessment. No credit applications needed.

Portfolio Optimization

Optimize the allocation of credit across all buyers. Extend and restrict credit as risks change to reduce bad debt by 20%.

Ongoing Monitoring

Be notified of 75+ signals including bankruptcies, liens, layoffs, revenue, spend and credit changes.


Efficiently manage your entire credit operation.

360 Degree Assessment

Faster from “Yes” to “Paid”

Feel confident and make faster credit decisions. We provide the most comprehensive assessment of a business with over 75 signals.


All of the data you need, in one place

Gone are the days of manually purchasing third-party data. Credit Pulse automatically pulls and analyzes traditional and alternative data.

Real-Time Monitoring

Earlier signals to eliminate bad debt

Gone are the days of annual periodic reviews. Proactively monitor all customers in real time. We predict risk of non-payment and financial distress, so that credit terms can be adjusted months ahead of events.

Portfolio-Wide Analysis

Focus on making decisions for the highest impact buyers

No more spending time on low priority buyers. Prioritize focus on the buyers with quickly changing signals, high impact events and even positive trends for upsell.

Smarter credit decisions start today